About Us

Mayflower Textile Services (MTS) is the one-stop-shop for all linen and laundry processing needs of the hospitality and healthcare industries. MTS has TWO separate and independent state of the art plants, one designed to process healthcare laundry while the other to process hospitality laundry. It is the company to be trusted in linen management and utilization, providing full linen rental programs with an extensive product range. It offers full tracking capabilities, exchange carts, complete on-site linen management services, and in-depth linen utilization reduction plans for added value. Our experienced service representatives will help your staff to execute the most efficient linen program while maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating from your patients. MTS also processes customer-owned linen, which is turned around in 48hours and delivered in bulk or in ready to deliver exchange carts.

From its humble beginnings processing 600,000 pounds of linen on its first year, MTS has grown into a major operation with an annual production volume of 15 million pounds. Its state-of-the-art facility has the ability to accommodate an additional 52 million in annual poundage. Aside from being always on the lookout for new technologies that could improve their operations, MTS is compliant with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.

Mayflower Uniform and Medical Supplies (MUMS) specializes in the specific needs of sub-acute medical facilities. High quality T-180 bed linen, heavier and softer towels, a wide selection of patient and staff wear, operating room products, and disposable medical supplies make MUMS the logical solution for sub-acute clinical needs. Our route service people will deliver to your facility weekly or as needed, they will take inventory, arrange your shelves, and query your staff to make any needed adjustments.

Premium Linen responds to opportunities of growth and cost reduction for Mayflower and redounds to more benefits for its client-partners. Premium Linen, as a purchaser of large volumes of linen products that are stocked and made available for customers to buy, receives price discounts from manufacturers. Clients who do not have the financial resources to purchase the large volumes they need for their operation are able to do so by purchasing linen products at lower prices due to the price breaks awarded to Mayflower by manufacturers. Life is made simpler for clients, enabling them to obtain their linen requirements at more competitive rates. Premium Linen customers do not have to wait long periods to receive their orders. Because of its ability to stock large volumes and a wide range of inventories, Premium Linen delivers within 24 hours to most of the local clients.

Mayflower Linen and Uniform Service (MLU) is committed exclusively to cater linen and uniform services to F&B clients. MLU offers variety of products and services to cater special needs of Fine Dining Restaurants, Cafes, Country Clubs, and Catering Services. Some of the core products of MLU include; Bar Towels, Kitchen Towels, Aprons, Table Cloths, Napkins, Chef and Kitchen Uniforms, Floor mats, Mops etc. MLU is proud to achieve 100% F&B client retention, and promising growth in year 2015, and is committed to keeping up the good work in the upcoming years!

Solutions Through Innovation

Mayflower was established in 1985 as a company that rented out and sold linen to hotels and restaurants located in the Greater Baltimore area. However, the story of this family-owned company began long before - over 120 years ago - in the sun-kissed cotton fields of Egypt. Their descendants, the present owners and managers of Mayflower, are a special breed of people who like their predecessors; devote life and existence to cotton and textiles.

Lessons from the Past Combine With Technologies of the Present

The invaluable experience and knowledge accumulated over a span of many generations created the Mayflower Group, a leader among linen suppliers and laundry service providers for the hospitality and health care industries. Far from the dusty cotton fields along the Nile, Mayflower's 21st century innovators aim "to continue providing premium quality healthcare and hospitality linen and uniform products at highly competitive price to help our clients boost their quality standards while achieving significant cost reduction."

The Mayflower Way

As our many satisfied customers have come to know, the Mayflower Group offers not only products and services you can depend on, but also convenient, cost-effective partnerships that will help your business succeed. Mayflower had 10 customers when it began operations. To date, they have around 36 iconic customers who have been their clients for many years.