Mayflower: Your Winning Edge!

After only five years of committed, responsive and responsible customer service gave Mayflower the opportunity to expand into the health care industry in 1990. After coming across an account wherein the hotel establishment owned their own linen and wanted Mayflower to wash it for them, the company modified its hospitality industry offerings to include linen washing and sanitation services for customer-owned-goods (COG). Thus, Mayflower began offering both rental and COG services for the hospitality industry.

The company believes that "little things can make a difference" and that "a dose of creativity can go a very long way". Among the service features clients like about Mayflower is the way they stack their products on their carts. The product stacks do not only look nice and presentable to look at, they are also stacked in a way that facilitates efficiency. The way they prepare and stack carts says much about Mayflower's work ethic. The company subscribes to the assumption that "there is always a better way of doing things". The company applies this doctrine in every aspect of their operation and translating it into the continuous improvement of responsive, relevant and efficient provision of products and services.

Clients save money when they partner with Mayflower. Because of its extensive experience dealing with significant players in the hospitality and health care industries, Mayflower provides a fresh set of eyes that help their clients identify problems, their root causes and innovative solutions. Theirs is a genuine caring for their client-partners, going as far as providing solutions to client concerns that are not directly related to Mayflower's operations. For example, in providing COG services, Mayflower will not just pick up, wash and deliver their client's linen; the company will extend a helping hand in reducing the client's linen losses and monitoring their inventories. It is by helping their clients control the costs of inventory and labor and implement efficient management procedures that Mayflower provides value-added services to their client-partners at no extra cost.

Mayflower takes pride that it is not only their linen but also their strong sense of social responsibility that touches their clients and the respective customers. Below are some of the benefits Mayflower's client-partners derive from its innovative approaches and client-centered manner of doing business:

  • Contract Compliance
  • Managerial Intervention
  • Problem Resolution
  • Prompt and Timely Delivery of Linen
  • Green Sustainability
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Huge Linen and Scrub Inventory for Rental Clients
  • RFID Technology
  • E-Commerce support- Website Orders
  • One Stop Shop, Patient Linen, Scrubs, Lab Coats, Warm Up Jackets, Disposable Linen, Hospitality Guest Room Linen, F & B Linen, Laundry Service, etc.
  • E- Billing (New Feature one less paper to handle)
  • Linen Utilization &Usage Reports

The Mayflower Group is a highly client-centered operation. It takes the initiative of interphasing with its clients at least once a week. As a quick-response mechanism, clients also have continuous access to Mayflower, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The resolution team does not stop unless all client concerns are addressed even if these are not related to Mayflower operations.

Combining over 120 years of experience and knowledge in the cotton and textiles industry with 21st century technologies and know-how, the Mayflower Group of Companies is your one-stop-shop for all your linen and laundry needs. It delivers top quality products, goods and services; coupled with the exceptionally fast delivery of these products, goods and services. Mayflower is highly accessible and responsive to the unique and dynamic needs of its clients, going beyond what is commonly required to provide solutions to their clients' concerns. Mayflower works with its client-partners in reaching realistic, cost-effective, labor-efficient solutions to their businesses' ever-changing concerns. For reliable linen service and support, the only destination is Mayflower.